About Fryer's Delight

Our shop is one of the most popular takeaways located at 19 Gracemount Dr, Edinburgh EH16 6RR. We are available 7 days a week to serve the best of our dishes to our valued customers.

 The no-contact delivery policy we follow is to ensure the health and safety of our customers during Covid-19 pandemic.

Offering collection services, too, we are delighted to welcome our customers to the shop to pick up their orders in person.

Popularity doesn’t grow with words, but it must be seen in action. Our actual popularity can be proved simply by asking a local: ‘Where is the best chippy near me?’. No doubt, you’ll hear them mentioning ‘Fryer’s Delight.’

You feel too tired to cook after a late-night shopping at Tesco Express? No biggie! All you need is an Internet access to google ‘the best chippy near me’. Betcha ‘Fryer’s Delight’ will top the list.

We provide a whole range of tasty dishes from fresh Pastas to crispy Chicken Wings. When buying the ingredients, we are careful enough to get healthy products. Also, we prepare our food on the slogan ‘Every bite with freshness.’

 You shouldn’t really miss out on our juicy Kebabs as they are prepared with lean meat from lambs. They are so soft in texture that they melt in your mouth.

Our golden brown Fish and Chips are wonderful enough to set an example for other shops. The fish we use in our recipe are from the fishing rod straight into the pan, and our crispy chips are from organic farms.

Order your favourite online and get an exclusive 10% discount.

We are now proudly accessible on Mealzo’s website. Place your order through this website and receive a £3 off if it is over £15.

Please have no hesitation in calling us at 01316662111 for the questions you have about our services.

Thank you for visiting our website.




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